Our Portfolio


Webisodes and Shortform


"Make your Move" to capture a trade show audience
Creating media for a trade show is a cross between a commercial and YouTube video. It has to get the attention of your buyers immediately, visually convey your message, and quickly deliver as the attendee walks by. Here's a video we created for Ormco's Clearguide ™ Express Aligner System. The product video was shot with the Sony F3 using our set of Duclos Cine Mod Zeiss zf.2 prime lenses. This version has a music track for alternate web use.


Association Re-Branding Evolution
his was the opening module for the LSA Conference that took a tongue-in-cheek approach to noting that this was the group that gets us all the information that we really need in life!


Yo Ho maties! Cough up the gold!
A fun little video for the Ocean Institute and Richard Henry Dana Charity Regatta showing how sponsorship funds help children enjoy a day on the high seas. Shot with Sony F3 Super 35 camera and NEX VG10.


"You Are Not Alone" for the ALS Association
"You Are Not Alone" was shot in HD for the ALS Association in conjunction with RNB Communications. The video is designed as a companion piece for a brochure that is supplied to newly diagnosed patients with ALS across the country. Sequences were shot in Portland, LA and Detroit and the video will be available via web and DVD with distribution to 40 countries. CrownCare "Transit Protection"
How do you get your sales team to focus on the facts of selling the most profitable part of your business? Like Crown Relocations, an international leader in moving and storage, you create an informative and entertaining role-play video. This Hi-Def BMG production was shot on a sound stage with client and professional talent.


YPA "Dispel the Myths"
This "reverse palindrome" is a graphic meeting opener written and produced for the YPA international conference. What starts out as a sad state of an industry situation becomes a motivational call to action.


Beckman Coulter "DSI"
The client required a product marketing video that would introduce a new product line family member. Animations and live video are featured in this HD studio production.


Partners in Care Foundation "Healthy Moves for Living Well"
PICF came to BMG to produce this training video for care givers. Shot in HD, the video is part of the Healthy Moves program showing seniors the value and techniques of regular exercises.


ALS "Care Connection"
Providing care giving to a relative with ALS and maintaining your own life and that of your family is a daunting task. ALS has addressed this real concern with the “Care Connection” program designed to show that asking for help is often the best way to go. The video shot in HD in North Carolina, Delaware and California is a companion piece to the ALS-produced brochure.


YPA "Revolution"
Based on the popular Shift Happens video, this module was produced for the Yellow Pages Association for member distribution. With graphics created by MeritAndrew, the video is designed for industry and application customization.


ALS "Ever Dodge a Bullet?"
Famed screen and stage actress Angela Lansbury is captured on the set of production for a new ALS PSA. Shot on a Hollywood sound stage, the promotional video explains Angela’s commitment to beating ALS. The video was distributed to national ALS chapters and premiered at the National Conference.


Do You Know Where the Paper Goes?
This live-action/animation video program for community use was based on a recycling poster universe created by BMG. The characters in the poster come alive to teach children and parents about phone directory recycling.


Fluor "Masters of Engineering"
The Fluor Corporation, a leading international engineering firm, came to Blackstone to bring their rebranding program to life for web and presentation use. The video utilizes purchased stock footage and recreation of historical scenes and integrates green screen interviews with key staff.


Bell Atlantic "Who We Are"
Designed as both an internal and external image communications video, "Who We Are" featured an internal spokesperson in a virtual community describing the diverse world of Yellow Pages Directories.


Health Net "Are you reaching out to your team?" That’s exacting what Health Net Inc. did to their’s with a dramatic on-line video series called “ConnecTV”. The news magazine style show was shot at various locations. The show was produced in HD and on a virtual set. Due to confidentiality of content, we can only reveal the really cool opener!


Health Net "Transformation
When Health Net, Inc wanted to show their associates what internal and external forces were behind their new branding they came the RNB Communications and Blackstone Media to create this energetic meeting opener that was filmed in LA, Washington, DC, Connecticut and San Francisco.


MBK "Real Home Owners"
MBK Homes and Roxborough Agency brought in BMG to capture comments from new homeowners about their new home. The video is used in sample homes.


Wesson "The Ultimate Cookbook"
Conagra needed a video to inform their new broker sales force about the benefits of Wesson commercial cooking oil. What better way than from the team who “wrote the book".


National Tour "Tactical Mobile Marketing"
Working with The Roxborough Agency, BMG produced this marketing video designed to up-sell current customers and convince new customers on the total benefits of mobile marketing. It was filmed at the Long Beach Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500.