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YouTube Postings

From the Vine

Here's a segment from our DVD "Wine:Making the Right Choice", available at Amazon. Christine did a great job at her wine shop From the Vine. Our cameraman DP Trey Solberg did a great job with the Sony EX3.


Stem to Stern

This video is two of our shoot at the construction of the San Salvador. Shot on location with the Sony F3 Super 35mm camera and Duclos Cine Mod Nikkor zoom and Zeiss prime lenses. Thanks to our guide Bruce Heyman and The San Diego Maritime Museum.


Putting a Smile on Your Face

Our team and the Sony F3 met the quick turnaround challenge of creating a tradeshow video for an exciting product. Lensing was with our Duclos cine-mod Zeiss primes and Nikon zooms. Client talent did a fantastic job.


Blackstone Interview Demo

Here's a Director's Cut (3 minute) of our Sony F3 in action. Theses are actual productions shot with the F3 and a combination of Duclos Cine Mod Nikkor lenses on MTF adapter and a Red 17-50mm PL. Our thanks to the many great crews who worked hard to get these images. Soon to come our Sony F3 demo in 4:2:2.


Blackstone Location and Studio Demo

Our Sony F3 cinealta HD camera has been delivering amazing, gorgeous images. Paired with our Duclos cinemod Nikkor lenses and Red zoom the camera with its Super 35 Exmor sensor delivers amazing DOF for interviews and incredible clarity for scenics. Take a look at several real production samples. This is extended to about 5 minutes but same footage as Directors's Cut.


Engage Me TV At-Work Demo

There are very few video and audio crew who have experience: 1) expanding ROI with interview and event coverage video produced on location; 2) with the process for VNRs, webcasts, podcasts, media kits, live video feeds; 3) working with time-sensitive topics, schedules and executives. We do, and we know how to deliver high quality HD video. EngageMeTV is perfect for PR, Ad agencies and communication pro's who already are familiar with their clients' business and require intelligent liaisons between the client and their audience.